22 MEMORIES (2015-2016)

As I spend the last few hours being 22 I have to reflect on the last year and note the most memorable things that have happened to me. Being 22 isn’t as wonderful and carefree as Taylor Swift makes it seem. Rather, this last year has shown me that maybe with a little extra guidance and patience I can actually do this thing called adulting. Who knew?

Anyway, here are my 22 memories!

  1. Mar 16: Naturally turning 22 was a big moment. But I also got a facial and went shopping that night. A nice way to start my 22nd year.
  2. Apr 3: Going to see Fast & Furious 7 with my best friends. Hilarious, exciting, and The Rock. That is all.
  3. May 8: Going to the opening night of Tulip Festival with my best friends. Beautiful and magical.
  4. Jun 14: Attending my best friends’ graduation ceremony. It was so special and I’m so proud of them.
  5. Jul 24-26: Going to Montreal for the first time. ‘Twas most amazing! #bucketlist
  6. Aug 15: Papa’s Funeral
  7. Aug 28: Finished my last CO-OP placement
  8. Aug 30: Almost solved the Urban Capers Case at The ROM!
  9. Sept 5-12: My last 101 week at university. Awesome and exhausting and sad it’s over.
  10. Oct 3: Went to my last school football game. It was so intense!
  11. Oct 11-12: Celebrated Thanksgiving with my family and then Friendsgiving with my besties!
  12. Nov 20: Adele. That is all.
  13. Nov 24: First snowfall in the city. Almost cried and slipped…and then almost cried again.
  14. Nov 27: Got my YBT book in the mail. #OfficiallyPublished!
  15. Dec 20: Spent the morning at the Toronto Christmas Market and afternoon watching Ross Petty’s Peter Pan in Wonderland.
  16. Dec 25: I was sick for Xmas but it was still pretty great. So blessed.
  17. Dec 30: Woke up super early to pick my best friend up at the airport! #reunited
  18. Dec 30: Purchased the domain for by brand new fashion Blog! #fashionblogger
  19. Jan 30: attended a Fashion Show with some of my friends and I looked awesome!
  20. Jan 31: First post on my blog!
  21. Feb 12: Registered to graduate. Bachelor of Arts degree: check!
  22. Feb 17: Meeting my first second cousin and he is absolutely adorable!

What can I say? I am so blessed. I hope my 23rd year is even better–maybe it could be my best year yet!



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