I Was Meant to Love Somebody

I know I have become far too accustomed

to being left in my own good company.

And though I enjoy the silence,

my mind is anything but quiet.

I am often left with too much time,

To wonder, to ponder, to consider the possibilities.

The what-ifs and could-bes fill my mind,

when all I want is to escape in dream.

I think of how my life could be,

if I just had someone to love.

Not just a lover, or friend,

but a person who could be both and more.

And then I have to ask myself,

what if I could share myself completely?

To hold and be held,

To love and to be loved,

Perhaps I could be happy.

And in the early hours of the night,

I can admit to the darkness that surrounds me,

that I too was meant to love somebody.

So although I love the silence,

and the space to be myself and free,

I know I ache for something else,

A special someone who will also love me.


One comment

  1. coffeebreakwithrachel · April 27, 2016

    Your blog is beautiful. I love it. Please, keep on writing! (:

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