Let’s Love Like Lovers Do

Together we’ll make a memory

so perfect it clings to my senses

slips over me like a tidal wave

and heats my skin like the summer sun.

Just come away with me

away from city lights and empty crowds

to our own little world

we’ll lose language and make our own

with my sweet sighs and your soft laughter

I am fluent in your every move.

Never let me go

 hold me close and grab me tight

leave a trail of soft kisses on my neck

and the scent of sweet nothings in my ear.

So close to the sun we fly

our joined hands and limbs make wings

slow and sweet, we burn and burst

again and again

lose yourself with me

sunrise, sunset, your breath and mine

is all that matters

and that delicious space between wake and dream

is all I want with you

hold me, want me, love me,

and let’s love like lovers do.

Note: This poem was inspired by Adele’s song “All I Ask”


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