is better than finishing the last pages of my favourite book

or watching Disney on a rainy Sunday afternoon

or finding faded photographs of a childhood well spent

partly because you love those things too

partly because you’re not afraid of silence

partly because you pout when you sleep or when you think too deeply

partly because I can look at you and you know exactly what I’m thinking

I know there is nothing more peaceful than laying next to you

in the early hours of the morning when everything is still

and the only thing I hear is your soft breaths and sighs

they harmonize with my faint snores and together

we make a lullaby

I do

not love your smile more than I love your tears

but love that you will often share them both with me

and maybe, possibly a laugh or two because I love to laugh

and your laugh only makes me laugh more than before

so it would only make sense for us to watch a Disney movie

except possibly Hunchback of Notre Dame

because it scares me more than it makes me laugh

but any other one will do

and if I’m being honest it doesn’t matter what we do

because the only thing I want is a moment with you

Note: This poem was inspired by Frank O’Hara’s love poem “Having a  Coke With You”


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