The Quest For Beauty

“Where do you find beauty?”

The question is simple,

For I am in the constant pursuit of beauty.

I want to capture it and consume it,

To keep it to myself,

And bestow it on others.

But I can’t,

For beauty doesn’t work this way.

Maybe long ago it did,

When the very incarnate of beauty,


Would bewitch mortals and gods alike.

One had no choice but to be seduced,

And fall to their feet in surrender,

For her powers were that strong,

But beauty no longer works this way.

The natural world once held beauty,

and the Romantics would proclaim it still does.

In the very hills and valleys,

Of pastoral England,

There was a kind of beauty,

A kind of magic,

Unparalleled and divine.

An escape from the hardships of city life,

One could find beauty in the idyllic past.

But beauty no longer works this way.

Beauty has been monopolized,

Sex sells and beauty makes profits,

It’s easy to find,

And easier to apply,

For beauty is trapped in the tubes and bottles,

At our local drug store,

Where magic wands are called brushes,

And cloaks called foundation.

But beauty no longer works this way.

It may have been enough,

To mask our seeming imperfections,

With powders and paints,

With scents and with shadows,

But masquerading is no longer an option,

One must epitomize beauty.

Technology has advanced,

And so have our expectations.

Beauty is now found in filters and Photoshop,

Where skin can be airbrushed and glowing,

Where hair can be voluminous and shining,

Where torsos concave,

And chests convex,

Where limbs can be lengthened,

And age can be shortened,

This is the way beauty works.

But this is no longer beauty,

Beauty with a capital B,

Has indeed been lost,

Lost to perfection,

To an ideal,

To an impossibility.

Our quest for beauty,

Will become our undoing,

For we are mortals,

And our very nature is flawed.


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