New Day

As the earth completes another circle around the sun,

We celebrate this ancient pattern,

By raising our glasses high,

And making resolutions for the new year ahead.

We promise to shed weight and negativity,

To be better people and to make a difference,

We vow to make good on last year’s resolutions,

And hope that this year will change us for the better.

We reflect on the year gone by,

Remembering the good,

Accepting the bad,

And learning from our mistakes made.

And yet,

In all our celebrations,

We may forget this small truth,

We are here.

We have made it to the next year,

And to a new day.

We are blessed,

And will continue to be blessed.

So as the earth completes its circle,

Around the sun that sustains us,

I take a moment to remember,

I am here.


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