I think I may be lost.

Amongst the chaos,

Amongst the living,

Somewhere along the way,

I got left behind.


I didn’t see it coming.

The moment I fell down the rabbit hole,

But somewhere along the way,

I got lost.


It may have been long ago,

And my child mind just didn’t notice,

Too busy dreaming,

Planning a life of fancy,

Somewhere over the rainbow.


I had everything but patience,

Distracted by the world of make-believe,

And seduced by the thought that dreams really did come true,

I got left behind.


I equated age with freedom,

Mixed fantasy with fact,

And created a wonderland of my own,

In a world too small for imagination.


I was Alice in Wonderland,

I was the Dorothy in Oz,

I lost myself in a world of magic and possibilities,

And for a moment I felt free.


I’ve reached the end of my dream.

I tapped my heels together three times,

Off with my head,

Off with my head,

I’m waking up.


I’ve been disenchanted,

Pixie dust and Neverland all but a memory,

I’ve grown up.

I am old without being free,

I feel nothing but lethargy.

I am still lost,

Lost without fancy.


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